Summer 2023

FIRST is more than robots; and we are more than FIRST.

The FIRST Robotics seasons last from late summer to mid-spring; after that, teams are left without competitions or, sometimes, without something technical at all. Superior STEAM is different; because we are a 4-H Club, and not just a robotics team or school class, we look for other STEAM competitions to compete in and/or plan trainings, lessons, and workshops for the summer.

Below is a list of the planned STEAM activities for the Summer of 2023.

Note: The list of activities and their descriptions are ever-changing.

2nd Annual STEAM Nights

The best way to know that you have learned something is to teach it to someone else. That is why our students will be creating and operating two 3 hour a night workshops for other students in our community. This will cover STEAM topics that the students have learned during their time in the club.

This will be held at the Sandy and Danny Daugherty Center for STEAM Excellence in the evening. Date TBD&A.

2nd Annual Open House

We are planning a one day Open House for our students to showcase their awesome projects and accomplishments to our community. Come see robots and other awesome projects created by the youth of Lawrence County!

This will be held at Sherwood Oaks Bedford with day and time TBD&A.

3D Printing / Drone Building

We have received a grant from IN-Mac that allowed us to buy a new 3D printer. We are using this to print, build, and program drones.

Programming & Drive Base Types

Students that competed in the previous season of FIRST Robotics have expressed an interest in learning more programming languages. This summer we will be learning Java and maybe Python.

They have also expressed interest in learning how to assemble, program, and use mecanum wheels (the yellow wheels in the picture). These wheels allow for increased maneuverability of the robot.

Click the image to view a video of the wheels in action.

Computer Systems and File Management

We live in an ever computerized world. Knowing how to use a computer--its programs, applications, and hardware--properly is now an important life skill. That is why Superior STEAM has decided to show and teach the most important aspects of how to use a computer and how to manage the files that are on the computer.

Topics include:

  1. Proper start-up and shut down

  2. The difference between shut down and sleep

  3. Windows OS & UI

    1. Mac OS can be covered for those who need it.
  4. What is File Management

  5. File Management Best Practices

  6. Examples of File Management

    1. On Windows

      1. Mac OS can be covered for those who need it.
    2. On Google Drive

  7. Cloud Storage Services

    1. What is the Cloud

    2. Google Drive: An Example

    3. Google Drive vs Google Docs

Manufacturing Tools and How to Use Them

Students that competed in the previous season of FIRST Tech Challenge, learned for the first time how to build something that was not Legos. This meant that they had to use tools that were foreign to them. This summer, we will be teaching how to use those tools before the season starts so students are knowledgeable and comfortable with them for competition season.

Topics include:

  1. Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchets, sockets, and other hand tools

  2. Saws, drills, and other power tools

  3. Bolts, screws, nuts, and other fasteners

  4. Building and assembly methods

  5. Prototyping to final product

This is not a compete list, all topics might not be covered.