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Teaching students in Lawrence County, IN about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics through FIRST® Robotics and other activities.

A 4-H Club focused on LEGACY; where kids do the work.

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Who We Are:

Superior STEAM was founded in 2019 to give kids ages 6-18 yrs old the opportunity to learn personal and technical skills through the FIRST Robotics programs and other hands-on STEAM related lessons and activities.

Superior STEAM is named after the late Danny Daugherty's business: Superior Kiln and Mill Service. His wife, Sandy, is still involved with the program.

To learn more about Danny & Sandy visit this page.

What We Do:

Superior STEAM is a year long youth development program dedicated to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) through FIRST® Robotics and other hands-on lessons and activities.

While technical skills--like building and programming--are important for STEAM; we, being part of 4-H and FIRST Robotics, know the importance of personal skills--like communication and teamwork.

See the 4-H Creed and FIRST Core Values below.

A 4-H Club

4-H is a year-long youth-development program that is most know for showing animals at the county fair--but it is so much more.

Today 4-H is a global organization whose mission is "To provide resources that give the opportunity for all...youth to develop life skills that benefit their communities through involvement in 4‑H."

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FIRST Robotics Teams

FIRST Robotics is an international robotics competition that strives to teach technical and personal skills through the rigors of robotics competition.

“I want to compete for the hearts and minds of kids with the excitement of the Super Bowl.” - Dean Kamen, Inventor & FIRST® Robotics Founder

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4-H Creed

FIRST® Core Values

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