Tyson Chase

Lead Mentor

USG Engineering General Maintenance Foreman

5 yr 4-H Member; 5 yr FIRST Experience

Rich Schmitt, PharmD


COOK Senior Regulatory Reporting Specialist

2 yr 4-H Member; 4 yr FIRST Experience

Bode Swango

Mentor; Systems Admin

Whitney Tool Co. Inc. Manufacturing Engineer

8 yr 4-H Member; 8 yr FIRST Experience

Photo Credit: FIRST Indiana Robotics

Aaron Wagner


GM Bedford Powertrain Die Maker

8 yr 4-H Member; 5 yr FIRST Experience

As a 4-H Club, the above staff of Superior STEAM are approved volunteers through Purdue University's Lawrence County 4-H Extension office.

Other Volunteers:

Nathan C.

Misty C.

Joe H.

Josh M.

Jasper M.

Tammy S.

Leslie S.

Josh T.

Kasie W.

Board of Directors:

Tyson Chase

Tammy S.

Rich Schmitt

Bode Swango

Aaron Wagner

Student Board of Directors:


Mentor Meetings

The club mentors and coaches hold a monthly meeting to discuss events, plans, and other club goings-on.

Click our club logo to view the notes from those meetings.

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