The Robotillers' Innovation Project, Limestoneopoly™, is the Implementation Award winner for the 2020-21 FIRST® Global Innovation Awards!

As the Implementation Award winner, the Robotillers "...excelled by considering multiple factors for how they could implement their innovation and confirmed the feasibility of its implementation with professionals."

Limestoneopoly is a FIRST® Global Innovation Award Top 20 Finalist.

We are honored to have our project be one of 20 in the world selected for this prestigious award.

Limestoneopoly is the FIRST® Global Innovation Award winner for the State of Indiana.

LIMESTONEOPOLY™ is The Robotillers 2020-21 Innovation Project. 

LIMESTONEOPOLY™ is a new, active version of the board game Monopoly® .

See Rules below for more details.


Start at Harp Commons on the Bedford Square.

Scan the QR code and download the app.

Follow the instructions in the app.


Download the app and buy the Limestoneopoly™ card pack (optional Pebble Packs available to expand game-play).

Set up the QR codes using the app and listed instructions. 

Have fum exploring and exercising with family!

Thank you to all the businesses on the Square that have let us put up our QR codes!

For the most up-to-date information email

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