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General Resources

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

FIRST Lego League Explore (FLLE)

We use Lego Spike Prime to build and program our FLL robots.

If you have questions about our robot or need help with your own, send them to:

Use the Spike LEGO Web app to program your robot!

Note: It will only work on Google's Chrome browser. 

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

FTC Scoring Sites

FTC Indiana & FIRST Indiana Robotics recommend FTC Events to look at past events, scoring, and awards.

Below, you'll also find other score recording sites that our FTC team uses.

FTC Driver's Test

One of our mentors has been a driver and drive coach for an FTC & FRC team. Over his four years of FTC & FRC experience as a team member, he has been a part of many driver's tests, and even administered some.

His experience has led to our driver's test: 

Step 1: A Google Form of graded questions taken from the Game Manual.

Step 2: What is the highest score in a 1-2 minute game of Snake.

The Google Form tests knowledge of the rules, while the game of Snake--while silly--tests reflexes and dexterity. The best part? => Anyone can play Snake regardless of how complete the robot is or if the person has never driven the robot--this evens out the playing field.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the nature of Google Forms, we cannot attach it to this website for each team to use; however, you can email and we will send you a copy of the test we have written.

No...10 is not the highest score...

Workshops & Classes

We use SolidWorks as our CAD software.

If you have questions about CAD please send them to