Club History


Mentor Bode Swango joins FTC team 8971 Diamond Blades.


Bode starts mentoring several local FLL teams.

Mentor and founder Tyson Chase starts to mentor FLL team 18874 Robotillers.

Dan V. Daughtery renovates 1301 I St before his passing in December. 


Tyson starts 2 new FLL teams: 44949 Robotillers and 44950 STEAMRollers. 

The names were chosen to honor the now defunct FLL team 18874 Robotillers and FRC team 6012 The STEAMROLLERS.

The new teams share space at 1301 I St. 


The 4-H Club Superior STEAM is founded to house the Robotillers and STEAMRollers.

Superior STEAM begins its journey as a year-long youth development program.

Superior STEAM is now the sole occupier of 1301 I St. 

Robotillers compete on global level and win award. 


Superior STEAM students graduate FLL and start FTC team #19366 CTF (Certified Tech Freaks).


Superior STEAM starts new FLL Explore team. 

CTF wins state award and competes at World Championship.


Superior STEAM starts 2 new FLL Explore teams, 3 new FLL Challenge teams, and 1 new FTC team.

Superior STEAM offers free Osmo classes to the public for the first time thanks to a grant from Lawrence County Community Foundation. 

Superior STEAM expands available programs.